(Real names omitted for protection of the client)


A victim of domestic violence and her family have been clients of Forsyth County Family Haven since April of 2009. Family Haven assisted the client with obtaining a Family Violence Protective Order against the father of her children. After his arrest, it was revealed that the client's only daughter, was being sexually assaulted by her very own father. Due to these circumstances, Family Haven provided the victims daughter with Expressive Art Therapy through a Licensed Psychotherapist. These therapeutic sessions have helped the young girl learn effective coping skills to heal from her experience. The child's mother has been diligent in assuring her daughter attends all sessions, as well as attend a sexual assault girl's group every other Sunday.


The Client works in the hospitality industry while raising three children on her own. She struggles to make ends meet, yet never asks Family Haven for financial assistance. Our agency extends our hand to her family by giving her Thrift Store vouchers for items (clothing, linens, and household items) needed for her and her children, as well as school supplies for each school year. We have been able to provide this client and her children Christmas assistance through our volunteer Adopt-a-Family Christmas program. When times became extremely difficult for this client, she allowed our agency to assist her with rent and food for her family. All of this assistance was offered to her, she never asked for it.


Throughout this family's process of healing, the Client has filed for her U-Visa through Catholic Charities. Family Haven has assisted her by offering an interpreter and transportation for her appointments. The Client has been diligent for almost two years and has now obtained a U-visa allowing her to get a better paying job and has given her children the opportunity for a better education. We are very proud to say that her children have blossomed and grown into responsible young adults. The Client's oldest son was a high school drop-out and is now back in school and part of the ROTC with future plans of joining the Marines.


Family Haven's mission is to provide victims of violence and their families with a continuous availability of services to meet their needs. We are proud to say this Client has been proactive in utilizing all the resources within our community to break away and live violence free.


As a result of domestic violence, Survivor "A" came to Family Haven after sustaining broken bones and severe head injuries from her fiancé.


Survivor "A" was in denial about the abuse she suffered and faced many barriers regarding employment, housing, mental health as well as legal issues.


While residing at Family Haven, Survivor "A" engaged herself with supportive services including counseling, overcoming the denial of her abuse as well as her barriers.


Survivor "A" secured employment with the Atlanta Public School System and obtained permanent housing to begin her new life free of abuse, "I realize now that I don't have to live in fear anymore"-Survivor "A".