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Programs & Services


Programs & Services



Counseling and Support Group

Free counseling is offered to victims and their family members. There is no limit to the number of counseling sessions a client may receive.


Transitional Housing

Family Haven has three apartment-style transitional housing units.  Transitional housing is offered for up to 12 months for qualified clients. The focus is on economic empowerment to move clients towards sustainability for independent and permanent housing.


24-Hour Crisis Line

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, advocates are available to provide information and make referrals for services and programs.  To access the crisis line call 770-887-1121.


Family Haven has a 21-bed confidential shelter living facility that offers a safe place for women and children who have suffered domestic violence. Client centered case management services are provided.




Legal Advocacy

Our Legal Advocate will answer questions concerning victims' rights and filling a Temporary Protective Order (TPO), and will accompany clients to court proceedings as needed.


Community Outreach and Education

We provide consultation, in-service training or informational presentations and outreach to various groups. The groups include law enforcement agencies, parent groups, civic groups, educators, healthcare professionals, and religious organizations.


Teen Safe Dates Education

We facilitate Hazelden's Safe Dates evidence-based dating abuse prevention curriculum in local high schools.  The goal is to help teens recognize the difference between caring, supportive relationships and controlling, manipulative, or abusive dating relationships.  


Have you or anyone you have known experienced...


Physical Violence:

Including beating, pushing, hair pulling, slapping, biting, or any other acts of physical mistreatment?


Emotional Violence:

Including name-calling, verbal threats, attempts at control, neglect or any other acts that make you feel devalued or worthless?


Sexual Violence:

Involving any unwanted sexual contact, sexual pressuring, sexual threats or force sexual relations?


Economic Abuse:

Controlling access to finances, legal documents or other important papers, interfering with work performance through harassing activities; frequent phone calls, refusing to allow the victim to go to school or to work?


Psychological Abuse:

Including brainwashing their partner or trying to make them confused about reality, secretly monitoring their partner through technology or other means so that the abuser seems to have omnipresence and know everything about their partner, switching from violent behavior to kind behavior in order to regain trust of their partner (and ultimately power and control over their partner)?


Teen Dating Violence Resources:

College Safety Tips for Girls

Break The Cycle
Women's Law


Safe and Healthy Dating Habits


Safe and Healthy Dating Habits